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5 Best Computer Gaming Jobs in 2023

Computer gaming jobs are becoming increasingly popular as the industry grows and technology advances. Games like God of War or GTA have become very realistic, featuring amazing graphics and character evolution.

As technology continues to evolve, the number of jobs in this field is expected to grow even more in the coming years. This also means that gaming has seen an influx of new jobs recently, making it an attractive career option for those looking to break into the industry. Read below to find out five of the best gaming jobs in 2023.

Video Game Designer

Video game designers are responsible for creating the overall concept, story, and design of video games. They must have a strong understanding of game mechanics, programming languages, and level design. Some designers even specialize in 3D and 2D graphics design. Video game designers can expect an average salary of £60,000 to £130,000 per year.

Video Game Programmer

Video game programmers are behind in everything related to coding the game’s mechanics and logic. They must have extensive knowledge of different programming languages and be able to debug and optimise code. Video game programmers can expect an average salary of £50,000 to more than £120,000 per year.

Computer gaming jobs are becoming increasingly popular as the industry grows and technology advances:  designer, programmer, or tester are only a few.

Video Game Artist

Video game artists are the ones creating the visuals for video games. They have a vast knowledge of color theory, composition, and perspective, so everything related to art fundamentals.

Video Game Tester

When it comes down to game mechanics, identifying bugs, and any other technical issues, video game testers make sure that everything runs smoothly. They test the games by playing them and providing feedback to the developers and designers. 

Video Game Producer

A video game producer needs experience in project management and has to have a strong knowledge of the gaming industry. Producers are also responsible for managing the entire production process of video games from concept to completion.

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The above-mentioned computer gaming jobs are some of the best opportunities for those looking to break into the industry. With the right qualifications and skills, you can easily land one of these jobs and make a great living in the gaming industry in 2023.

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