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High-performance vs Cloud Computing

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What is high-performance computing?

Simply put, high-performance computing (HPC) is the process through which complex calculations are performed at high speeds, and large amounts of information are stored.

Whether they are used for playing chess or in astrophysics, most of us have heard of supercomputers, or supercomputing systems – in today’s ever-evolving digital world, the need for high-performance computing systems and their data storage and process solutions is growing each day. 

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing includes the delivery of computing services – like storage, servers, networking, software, etc. – over the Internet. Cloud computing is popular among businesses who are looking for increased productivity, speed, efficiency and cost savings.

Essentially, with cloud-based storage you can save files to a remote database and retrieve them on demand – all your data is available from any device, anywhere in the world.

High-performance computing companies offer cloud services for faster innovation, and flexible resources for businesses that need a big shift from the traditional way IT resources are viewed – as of early 2022, over 60 per cent of all corporate data is stored in the cloud.

Benefits of cloud computing

Apart from the ability to use software from any device by only connecting to the internet, cloud base services have a great number of advantages, which include:

  • Cost: The fact that you can easily access data not only saves you time but also money, not mention that most cloud computing services pay as you go.
  • Speed: most services in the cloud come as self-service and on-demand, which means that big amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in the shortest amount of time, offering businesses a lot of flexibility.
  • Security: Companies that offer cloud services have a wide range of policies, technologies, that strengthen the security in protecting your data, and apps from potential threats.


Just like technology, innovation and information, the world of computing is in constant motion and nowadays we have the opportunity to use computing services for an unimaginable amount of things.

Whether you choose a Cloud Computing Service or an HPC system for your business, they essentially share the same genes but have their own particular DNA – and they both are indispensable for processing the constantly growing data and information of today’s world.

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